David Barlavi spotted in Newhall alleyway, giving free abortions to transgender mothers who are 9 months pregnant while clenching his fist and yelling anti-Trump epithets

Newhall — As a sharp rebuke of his critics, David Barlavi, known fister and Board Member of Saugus Union School District, was seen in a Newhall alleyway behind Persia Lounge, providing free abortions to transgender mothers. The “clients,” as he called them, were exclusively 8 to 9 months pregnant, and decided not to allow the child to achieve life — despite not being medically necessary. With each successful abortion, Barlavi would raise a clenched fist and shout “f–k Trump!”

Protesters had gathered to make their voices heard, and were appalled at what they saw. “I’m just not sure which thing I’m supposed to be angry about,” said protest architect and curmudgeon Les Testees. Indeed, Barlavi seemed to have successfully overwhelmed the outrage of the protest group, with one person visibly shaken.

Barlavi also used the opportunity to announce his upcoming book, which details his journey from Iran and subsequent upbringing in America, tentatively titled “Ayatollah So.”

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