Saugus woman tells her 3 children they’re on her last nerve for the 10th time today

"I'm sick of your shit, Sophia"

Saugus — Amanda Clark announced to her three children today that they are on her last nerve. Her idle threats were met with eye rolls from her husband, Jared. “That’s it, settle down back there or we’re not getting Chick-fil-a,” she was heard yelling, as their 2018 Ford Explorer sped through the parking lot.

The children, known shitheads, have been especially troublesome lately. Amanda blames the recent series of rainstorms. “They’ve been cooped up all week, they need to go outside and burn off some of this energy,” she said, wiping presumably oatmeal off her face, “I will try to take them to the park once the weather gets nicer.”

Her husband Jared works in Burbank, and doesn’t see an issue. “Kids will be kids, I don’t understand the big deal. Sometimes they get a little rambunctious, no biggie” says Jared, while Amanda stares a hole through his head.

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