The Santa Clarita Valley Advance Post Times was acquired by an umbrella multinational conglomerate in June of 2021, managed through a series of shell corporations registered in Nevada, Delaware, and the Grand Cayman Islands. Our management team is predominantly Russian Oligarchs funneling money through the shell corporations to fuel dissent and discord, but we like to have fun on the weekends.

Henry Mayo Newhall founded The Santa Clarita Valley Advance Post Times on his deathbed. His mistress, unsure of his exact request, may have gotten it wrong. It lay dormant, wracking up debt until 2018 when Tom Steyer purchased the debt and tried to collect on it. As part of the settlement agreement, he acquired the news site and hired staff. His accountant told him it could be a tax write-off, so long as the site continues to lose money. Irregardless, the site literally is the worst.


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For those in dire need to send legal threats, take down requests, hate mail, etcetera, please note that our intent is to amuse. Anything sent to us in these regards will be published, and made fun of.

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