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Abusive Parents Outraged Over School District Potentially Shielding Their Children From Abuse

Santa Clarita – Local “Parents Rights” “Groups” and Christian-Fascist cult “Freedom’s Way Baptist Church” are outraged at a law that would shield their children from abuse. “It’s unimaginable that the schools would refuse to give us information about our children that they hide from us so we can’t take appropriate corrective measures” said hate group Moms For Liberty Los Angeles County Chapter Chair Karen Frost, “If my child is trans and they’re not telling me, I have every right to know so I can beat them with a Bible and set them straight. They’re making Jesus cry by not accepting their own gender I assigned to them.”

Numerous “Parental Rights” groups have formed locally to push their Christian-fascist agenda on unsuspecting parents in local districts. Some of them are “CSPE: Committee to Support Parental Engagement,” “Parents Union of SCV,” “SCV Freedom Fighters,” “Freedom Fighters of SCV,” and “Moms For Liberty Los Angeles County Chapter.” These groups are largely run by women whose adult children have gone “no-contact” with them over their extremist religious beliefs.

Vice Chair of Moms for Liberty Los Angeles County Chapter Matt Funicello (who self-identifies as a mother) applauded Hart District Board Member Joe Messina for adding “parental notification” to the agenda. “As a mother,” said Funicello, “it’s important to me to make difficult choices for my children, and I can’t do that without all the information. If my kids are struggling with their gender or sexual identity, I need to know so I can mercilessly beat them like they were a handcuffed suspect in the back of a patrol car. My children are my property, and they are not allowed to have an identity other than the one I give them.

Jerry Cook, cult leader of “Freedom’s Way Baptist Church,” has been advocating his followers – most of whom do not have school age children in the district – to attend the Hart District Board Meeting in order to pressure the district into a policy resulting in a lawsuit the district would lose. “It is our right, as God fearing Christians, to show up to these board meetings and force them to enact these policies,” yelled Cook, noticeably foaming from the mouth, “These godless heathens have for too long gotten away with forcing their tolerant agenda on us! We must take a stand for GOD we must take a stand for JESUS and not allow our most non-conforming children to spit on our good Christian beliefs!” Freedom’s Way Baptist Church maintains a non-profit status and does not pay taxes in exchange for not engaging politically.