Opinion: D.A. Gascon Allows Serial Killers to Roam in SCV – Carl Goldman

Well, there has been another body found in a vehicle in Santa Clarita. Around two or three per week all year so far. Our wonderful local sheriff’s deputies have had their work cut out for them in dealing with these poor unfortunate souls, struck down in the prime of their lives by not one but TWO serial killers that GEORGE GASCON and his goons are allowing to roam free without fear of prosecution in Santa Clarita.

Gascon is refusing to pursue charges against the two Santa Clarita serial killers currently waging an unfettered killing spree in our wonderful valley. They go by the names “Natural Causes,” and “Mental Health Disorder.” We know there names, we know their modus operandi, and yet Gascon refuses to charge them and arrest them.

Jonathan Hatami, a local attorney spoke out against Gascon’s failures this week, accusing Gascon of being complicit in these killings. We need someone in the District Attorney’s office who will actually do the job they’re elected to do.

So many Santa Clarita businesses are shutting down due to Gascon’s failures to prosecute. These local mom and pop businesses – once staples in our community – forced to shut down because of rampant thievery: Mervyns, Bed, Bath & Beyond, RadioShack, Robinsons-May, Sears, Saugus Speedway, Howard & Phil’s, Thrifty, and many more. Is it not enough that we lose these cherished local businesses due to Gascon’s failures, but now two serial killers are allowed to mercilessly take life of our locals?

Shame, Gascon, shame.