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Mayor Mclean Announces Free Bus Fare for Homeless

Santa Clarita — The mayors office has announced a new plan to increase bus ridership, and assist our local homeless population. “Anyone currently in the midst of being homeless can come to city hall and get their free bus pass, which will take them anywhere outside of the city” said Mayor Mclean.

The plan comes on the heels of the recent homeless count taking place here in Santa Clarita. An approximate 331 persons were counted living in areas of the Santa Clara River, though not counted were the numerous people living in their cars. Mayor Mclean hopes the free bus pass will help reduce the homeless population by relocating them to areas where more services are available, and a municipal government takes action to combat the issue rather than ignore it.

“I am just so delighted to invite these ‘people’ to enjoy our buses as they leave our wonderful city,” said Mayor Mclean, “I hear Van Nuys is pretty great to the hobos, they should all go there.”