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TimBen Boydston Legally Changes Name, Announces Bid for City Council

Santa Clarita – Former council member TimBen Boydston announced today his intention to seek a seat on the city council once again. In a shocking move, he is also legally changing his name to “Mayor Cameron Smyth.” The decision comes as the city starts the process of moving to districts. “These are trying times,” said Mayor Cameron Smyth, (the man formerly known as Boydston, not the real one), “it is time for the people to re-elect someone who can bring new ideas to the council. The current council wouldn’t know a new idea if it bit them on the knee.” Asked about his choice to rebrand “I have always gone by ‘Mayor Cameron Smyth,’ this isn’t something new. How dare you accuse me of impropriety of any sort. Thanks to me, red light cameras got taken down in Santa Clarita. Remember that? I did that.”

Reached for comment about the fiasco, the real Cameron Smyth said “I should have been a congressman by now. But no. I get to deal with this bullshit.”