Valencia man unsure of which Starbucks to pretend to write screenplay at

Pretending to write is hard work

A local Valencia resident is having difficulty choosing a Starbucks location to take his laptop to this morning. Kyle Evans, 34, enjoys the “ambiance” of the Bouquet/Newhall Ranch location, but says “lately, it’s been so busy that no one sees me writing my screenplay. It’s about a suburban writer finding love at a popular coffee house.”

He says he’s tried other locations, but they reportedly lack a “certain je ne sais quoi” according to Evans.

Other locations he’s tried:
Magic Mountain Parkway
Old Road/Valencia
Old Road/McBean
Old Road/Rye Canyon
Copper Hill/Newhall Ranch
Copper Hill/Seco
McBean/Magic Mountain Parkway (inside the mall)
McBean/Magic Mountain Parkway (by BJs)
McBean/Magic Mountain Parkway (by Corner Bakery)
McBean at Granary Square
Golden Valley/Soledad
Via Princessa
Golden Valley (inside the good Target)
Soledad/Sand Canyon
Railroad Ave

“Maybe I’ll just try Bodhi Leaf,” he resigned.

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  1. omg he needs to try Lyons/Orchard Village. There’s just enough confusion as to which direction the line forms, that people will certainly scope out the room

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