Cougar Spotted Near Iron Horse Trail Head

Santa Clarita city officials are warning residents to be on the lookout after a cougar was spotted roaming the bike path near the Iron Horse Trail Head, off Magic Mountain Parkway.
A man who only wished to be identified as “Derek” was running on the bike path when he had an encounter. “[The cougar] jumped onto the path out of nowhere. There was no warning, except the smell of Lancome Magnifique.”
The cougar was reportedly approximately 120lbs, 5’4″ and wearing a “leopard print” leotard, turquoise earrings, with red high heels. “She just kept saying ‘lets go grab some drinks at Wokano and see what happens’. It was terrifying” said Derek.
Residents who encounter the cougar are encouraged to call Parks Department Chair Kieran Wong.

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