Area Man Buys Police Scanner, Learns Sheriff Radio Codes

Saugus — Local resident James Martin, 37, is excited over his recent Amazon purchase: a programmable radio he can use as a police scanner. He has already learned all the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department radio codes, “I’m really looking forward to alerting local Facebook groups about police activity in their area. Not everyone is going to know that there’s a code 7 going on right down the street from them!” said Martin.

The resident has already been smugly replying to comments from others asking what the various codes mean, giving the man a sense of purpose. “It’s quite exciting, you never know where the deputies will be sent next. Maybe it’s a 594 on Jakes Way, or a 488 at Claire’s in the Mall. I even heard a call go out for a 417 Sam during new years!”

Asked about his other hobbies, Martin said his mother didn’t allow them.

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