Bank of Santa Clarita Has Banner Year for 2018

Santa Clarita — Bank of Santa Clarita has released their annual report, and 2018 appears to have been one of their best years on record. “We had an amazing year,” said Chairman Frank Di Tomaso, “just fantastic. We’re really excited for both of our customers.”

The local bank has had their share of ups and downs, most notably being skipped over in a string of robberies last year. “It’s a bit disheartening that bank robbers don’t even bother stopping here,” said one bank teller. “Do they even have any cash there? I thought they were closed, there was never anyone in the parking lot,” according to a serial bank robber who wished to be identified only as “Scott E.”

In the coming months, the Bank of Santa Clarita hopes to open their first ATM, and issue bank cards that aren’t just painted over prepaid-Visas.

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