RightOnSCV relaunches following hiatus, promises to be more inclusive with its harassment of Saugus Union School District Board Members

Internet — Following a hiatus that began shortly before the last election, Twitter troll and website for local racist diatribes RightOnSCV has officially relaunched. The site and Twitter account were shuttered so as to not distract locals from Hart School District Board Member Joe Messina’s re-election campaign. “It was getting difficult for me to find interns that would work for me, and accept blame for things I posted online” said Messina, “really, it’s just down to one guy running all of my websites, and he terrifies me. Also he has all of my passwords and won’t give them back. So, yeah.”

The account found itself in hot water last year after targeting Saugus Union School District Board Member President Julie Olsen. “We’re going to be more inclusive with our harassment,” said RightOnSCV in a direct message on Twitter, “it really isn’t fair of us to focus it all on one strong female, especially now that there is another strong female on the board. We aren’t sure about this Barlavi guy though, it’ll be hard for us to find things to gripe about with him.”

Messina said the RightOnSCV website will relaunch shortly, and will be search engine optimized to assist with the re-elections of Scott Wilk, and Cameron Smyth. They also hope to elect Danta Acosta to whatever he runs for next.

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