Dads Exchange Sneers at Kids Soccer Game, Wives Remind Them to Behave

Valencia — Over the weekend, two fathers were seen exchanging sneers at their kids soccer tournament, only to be derided by their respective wives. “Do not cause a scene” said Ashley Thompson, 32, through clenched teeth, as her husband, Jeff 38, stared across the soccer field.

The feud started several weeks back when the child on the same team as the Thompson kid allegedly stole the ball, and scored the winning goal point of the game. “OH COME ON” shouted Jeff from the stands, visibly shaking. Dan Richardson, the father of the child who scored the goal point, was overheard asking what Jeff’s problem was. Several different views of the events that followed, but the jist of it was that both men wanted bystanders to think each was willing to fight the other over the controversy. One eyewitness described it as “a chihuahua fighting itself in the mirror.”

While the individual wives tried to quash the disagreement, they resigned themselves to ignoring their husbands and immersing themselves in a Nicholas Sparks novel until the game finishes.

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