Tone Deaf Caucasian Male Unsure Why His White Nationalist Views Are Being Compared to Nazis

Santa Clarita — Doug Sutton, owner and publisher of the Santa Clarita Gazette and Free Classifieds/Spam news paper is under fire this week for his most recent “Doug’s Rant” column in which he says “Hitler had some good ideas, just poor execution.” Local Dems, anxious to find something of substance with which to get their panties in a wad, jumped on the bandwagon of criticizing Doug and his patently tone deaf statements. Local elected official, and State Assembly member, Kirsty Smith called for the immediate boycott of the free publication. In response, Sutton doubled down on his article claiming “White supremacy is a myth, it’s like bigfoot, UFOs, or the female orgasm. Why waste time discussing things that don’t exist?”

Reached for comment by phone, when asked if he was worried about the boycott, Sutton said “I think it’ll all blow over and work itself out. In the long-run, we’ll be all white, err all reich, err alt right, I mean we’ll be all right. Geeze, cat got my tongue and made me sound like a polock.”

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