Local Extremist Attacks Veteran

Santa Clarita – William Reynolds, local extremist and hater of all veterans, has gone on the attack against patriot, city council candidate, and veteran Chris Werthe in a new column published in the Santa Clarita White Nationalist Gazette today. “Whenever I see Werthe, I’m going to spit on him, just like I do to all veterans” said Reynolds, when reached for comment. The column comes as Reynolds works to ensure that other local veterans are erased from the historical record. “Military veterans are the lowest of the low, and deserve no respect. ‘Oooh, I went into the military because I had no other options’ please! Get a real job!”

“It’s a shame Mr. Reynolds doe not have any respect for my military service” said Werthe in a written response, “I am more than the uniform I wear. I’m a father, a husband, a public servant, and a human. His comments denigrate my years of service and commitment to my country. I’m sorry he feels the need to have so much hate for the military. But I am a man, just trying to do his best in service of his beloved city and country. I hope one day I can change his mind. I love you Bill, despite the hate in your heart. C’mere and give me a hug.”

Chris Werthe is a resident of Valencia and a current candidate for Santa Clarita City Council.

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