Chris Werthe Continues Tradition of Dumb Campaign Puns

Valencia — Chris Werthe, candidate for Santa Clarita Valley City Council, has announced his new campaign slogan “Worthe of your Vote.” He continues the long standing tradition, along with a long list of other candidates:
– Scott Wilk: “Got Wilk?”
– Buck McKeon: “Buck up”
– Frank Ferry: “Time for a Ferry-tale”
– Carl Boyer: “Vote for Chef-Boyer, C”

Werthe believes the new slogan will propel him to city council in November. “A vote for Werthe is a worthy vote!” reads one campaign flyer. Other announced council candidates have yet to come up with puns, though Jason Gibbs did say he has his top people working on it. “We hope to announce the pun soon,” said Gibbs campaign spokesperson Bob Kellar in an email, “we’re leaning towards ‘just Gibbs it to me,’ though there are other ideas under consideration.”

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