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Congressman Garcia’s Facebook Page Removed Amidst QAnon Purge

Menlo Park, CA – Outraged, Congressman Mike Garcia released a statement today, after Facebook removed his campaign Facebook page, allegedly for QAnon related Content. “Doesn’t the first amendment mean something anymore?” said Garcia by phone. “Describe what QAnon even is?” he continued.

“Our campaign has worked tirelessly to put out good content. Current events dictate certain things be posted. Emotional LEFTIST responses like this one that gets our page removed from Facebook are a violation of our freedom of speech” read an official statement from Garcia’s campaign. “Level playing fields are all we ask for, how dare the left undermine us in their efforts to steal this election! Vote them all out of office!”

In an interview earlier this year, Garcia was asked about QAnon more directly and pretended not to know what it was. November’s election is just over 70 days away, and having his Facebook page removed comes at a critical time. “And they want me to DELETE my ‘secret messages’ to get my Facebook page backup” continued Garcia, regarding the notice he received from Facebook about the removal.

“Vote Mike Garcia to Make America Great Again” said a spokesperson for Garcia shortly before hanging up.

For political campaigns, social media has been a vital tool to reach voters, especially younger ones. Christy Smith’s campaign put out a statement praising Facebook for removing “garbage posts by human dumpster fire Mike Garcia.” Smith posted a video as well, asking Facebook more directly to delete the accounts of the trolls that feel the need to comment on every one of her posts and reply to all of her tweets. “Or just mute them for me, that’ll work too. Gettin’ real tired of Bill Reynolds commenting on all my posts. Else I’m gonna have to have words with him, finally. We’re gonna take this outside if it comes to that.”

Totally out of nowhere, Bill Reynolds called us, leaving a voicemail that said “you damn leftist communist hippy Marxist black LIES don’t matter democraps.” Fucked up doesn’t begin to describe it.