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Convicted Felon Hopes for Second Chance at Life on School Board

Saugus – Local Convicted Felon and candidate for Saugus School District Board, Christian Gadbois, is vying for Julie Olsen’s vacated seat and hopes to forge a new life as an elected official. “It’s a great day in America when a person arrested for multiple felonies can run for office. And it’s a great day in California since I can still vote for myself here!” said Gadbois in a speech on Tuesday, “Felons deserve the right to serve their communities, regardless of how many forgeries they committed, or what plea bargain they took!”

Last week, The Signal ran an article about Gadbois’ “legal troubles,” but neglected to mention his felony conviction, prison time served, multiple bankruptcies, and a handful of lawsuits filed against local governments, government-contracted agencies, and private businesses. A cursory Google search – technology not yet available to The Signal – on Gadbois returns a slew of lawsuits both against him and on his behalf against numerous parties.

Katherine Cooper, Gadbois’ challenger for Olsen’s seat on the board, still has some work to do to catch up in the polls. “Her primary disability, being a woman, is working against her,” said political commentator Joe Messina on his radio program this week, “While he may be a convicted felon, he’s a man, and is, therefore, more trustworthy than any objectively qualified woman.”

The Gadbois Campaign website lists endorsements from local prominent elected officials such as Cameron Smyth, Scott Wilk, Mike Garcia, Linda Storli, Joe Messina, BJ Atkins, as well as a handful of other nobodies. When contacted about the endorsements, all but Joe Messina indicated Gadbois likely forged their signatures on the endorsement paperwork.