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President Trump Pardons Councilman Bob Kellar

President Donald Trump today announced the next recipient of a presidential pardon.  For the first time in history, the recipient is a Santa Clarita resident. 

Today in the White House Rose Garden, President Trump declared, “As some of you no doubt recall, ten years ago the honorable city councilman Bob Kellar of Santa Clarita stated that he was a ‘proud racist’ during a meeting in which people of Mexico were being discussed.  The evil, leftist, crazy media latched onto those words and he has been paying an unfair price for far too long.  Some of you undoubtedly know this already as you are also proud – proud boys and girls, proud men and women.  Many were inspired with his words of pride.  There’s nothing wrong with pride, why shouldn’t you have pride?  In fact, you may not know this but he is actually the founder of the Proud Boys.  He must be protected from any witch hunts or taunting by the media or non-proud people.  Therefore, today, I proudly announce that Bob Kellar is receiving a full presidential pardon for being a proud racist.”

Bob Kellar’s office could not be reached for comment.  The Proud Boys organization did however release a statement that read: “We thank President Trump for his support and understanding during these uncertain times. We continue to stand by our president and our founder.  Ever since Mr. Kellar spoke those courageous words of being a ‘proud racist’, we have continued to build our organization on the shoulders of this great man.”

The Proud Boys organization continues to operate from its headquarters in the Mint Canyon Moose Lodge and welcomes new potential members to stop by to learn more.