Person Posts Article to Social Media to Subtweet/Vaguebook Specific Person; Inadvertently Triggers Insecurities in Others

A local Facebook user, who requested anonymity, revealed today that an article they posted was furtive criticism of a particular person, but unwittingly unearthed the deeply held insecurities of many of their friends. “Almost as soon as I posted the link, people started sending me messages asking if the article was about them. Which is, like, super awkward and stuff. Even the person it was about asked if it was about them, so of course I had to tell them no” he/she/they said.

“People are so wrapped up in their own vanity, maybe a gif of a fire in a trashcan with the hashtag #SomePeopleAreGarbageFires is a critique of society as a whole and not about whatever hot mess you are going through.”

[Ed. Note: If you think this article is about you, it is. Or not, whatever, no one gives a shit]

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