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Assemblywoman Christy Smith Introduces Legislation Forcing Un-Vaccinated Children Into Charter Schools

Sacramento — Hot on the heels of her controversial vote about vaccinations, Assemblywoman Christy Smith introduced new legislation today that would require un-vaccinated children to only attend charter schools. The bill has already drawn some controversy, with some critics saying the assemblywoman is “classist,” a “new-age segregationist,” “basically a garbage person,” and “the wrong kind of hot blonde.”

One Pro-Childhood-Preventable-Disease activist went further, saying “She is attacking our children! She may as well stab them in the heart! This is traitorous! How dare she force our children to be someplace where they do not belong! We want our kids to be at school with other kids so they are exposed to knowledge, and infect the school body with friendship! My precious little Dylan needs special attention, how do we know these charter schools will cater to his allergies? Do they expect me to write a list saying he is allergic to peanut butter, jelly, ragweed, cats, penicillin, dogs, feral muskrats, lima beans, Mexicans, sun, air, Papa Roach, Jenny McCarthy, vaccines, chocolate, good times, fortune cookies, unfiltered cigarettes, and a mothers love? I might as well add his only immunity is to repercussion for his actions.”

For concerned parents wishing to voice their opinions about this legislation, you are encouraged to call Assemblywoman Christy Smith directly at 800-477-8191