Mike Garcia Unsure Why Flag and Bible Not Preventing Valid Criticism

Santa Clarita – In a recent interview, Mike Garcia expressed frustration that holding a Bible and American flag are not enough to insulate him from people being critical. “I was a fighter pilot, I’m a God fearing, steak eating, Trumpian American. Why are people still pointing out valid criticisms of me? Does this flag mean nothing? Is the word of God not enough? Haven’t people heard of ‘Love thy neighbor’?”

Garcia, former Army paper airplane constructor and full time snowflake, is unsure why people are mocking his military service, which he injects into every possible conversation. “It’s the Libtards who hate this country and want another term for Barack HUSSEIN Obama. They don’t respect our president, and they don’t respect our military.”

The special election to fill Katie Hill’s vacated congressional seat is tomorrow, May 12th, 2020. Garcia hopes to be victorious, and feels his military service entitles him to the job.

10 Replies to “Mike Garcia Unsure Why Flag and Bible Not Preventing Valid Criticism

    1. And this is exactly why I didn’t vote for him. All he is, is another pompous ass and name caller. One of those in government is enough. And Mr. Garcia get over yourself, your not the only fighter pilot that exists.

    2. Same with me! I truly hope that we are being punked with this article. So he thinks that showcasing himself by holding a bible and flag as a homemade filter makes him the beat candidate? Flying a fighter jet makes you the best candidate? I don’t care who you are…just because you flew a jet doesn’t qualify you to hold a governmental seat.

  1. Maybe it’s because he hasn’t posted his platform only his hate. . The god he fears lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. because you can spell bible does not make you a Christian. Vote Christy Smith.

  2. It is not that Democrats hate America or the flag. It is GOP saying we own it and it’s not yours. Also the Bible carrying problem is separation of church and state. Third spending so much on military when there is no war might not be the best for use of our resources.

  3. Another hit piece before an election. I believe this piece as much as I believed the text msg from someone falsely identifying themselves as representing a conservative women’s group urging a vote for Christy Smith. Until I questioned them further.

  4. Who wrote this biased stupid article. Paper airplane what a dumb thing to say. Just come out and say it you don’t like him and you don’t want him elected and be honest. Ridiculous no reporting here at all.

  5. Look at this, Trump supporters objecting to actual fake news. If you Trumpets want to see lies just watch the fiberglass-haired troll doll in the White House. He can’t open his mouth without lying. If you can’t see that then you deserve all you get, including your loved ones dying from something preventable.

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