City Council Considering Ban on Sidewalk Chalk

After a public outcry from tens of dozens of concerned citizens, the Santa Clarita City Council has finally begun to consider a ban on the use, sale, delivery, and distribution of sidewalk chalk within city limits. 

The outrage over the once-beloved art supply began on Juneteenth when teenage activists used washable white chalk spray paint to write “BLM” on Cinema Drive in Valencia. Two months after the incident, 3 local teenagers involved were arrested and now face charges for felony vandalism. The City of Santa Clarita, which spent roughly $2,300 dollars on the removal of the chalk, seeks to have the children punished to the fullest extent of the law. According to Carrie Lujan, a spokesperson for the City of Santa Clarita, the artwork was removed as quickly as possible. “We don’t want to be seen as a city that supports that kind of stuff,” Lujan concluded.

“Folks, let me tell you, sidewalk chalk is just a gateway substance to washable paint,” says Councilman Bob Kellar. “First it’s cute butterflies and robot drawings, then next thing you know these kids are wanting justice for people of color.”

4 Replies to “City Council Considering Ban on Sidewalk Chalk

  1. Ummmm….seriously? The “paint” that was used was a “chalk like substance” and NOT the sidewalk chalk our kids are using. I, too, do not wish to see our city being, or allowing themselves to become, like other large cities allowing paintings on the street, no matter what the sentiment, but to eliminate sidewalk chalk? Do these council members really know what sidewalk chalk that kids use is? Hey City Council….get the right product before you strip our kids of a non toxic powder stick that disappears on it’s own or simply washes off with water! In the meantime, while you try to eliminate yet another part of children’s lives, you completely waste millions of dollars that could have been used toward suffering small businesses on buying a defunct ice rink that’s been failing for years. Wasteful much?

  2. Are you kidding me! No hop scotch, no artistic expression, no letter writing practice for preschoolers. Give me a break! What else do you want to take from the “children” of this valley!

  3. There are so many real issues our city should focus on. This bologna about chalk and gateway reads, no screams of racism when reading the article. I’ve been an early educator for 32 years. In that time , sidewalk chalk has been an essential element in the curriculum. I have also NEVER had any of my diverse student population turn to vandalism post sidewalk chalk. If you’ve run out of ideas to govern, maybe look to help those less fortunate rather than seek to destroy a childhood past time.

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