Local Liberal Starts Pseudo-Anonymous Satire Site in Transparent Effort for Attention

Santa Clarita – In 2018, a local liberal frustrated with their inability to gain sufficient attention, started a mostly humorless, occasionally relevant, satire website; lashing out almost exclusively at local conservatives. In the intervening years, the site has garnished a moderate following, primarily of insiders and the entire newsroom of KHTS.

“I started the site as a way to air out my grievances, you know? I just had all this pent-up anger and needed to channel it somewhere” said the first writer, who only identified themselves as Emmanual Goldstein. “We go after the conservatives, frankly because we’re lazy, and making fun of them is the lowest of the low-hanging fruit. Plus they go full aggro on even a hint of being slighted, so that’s fun to watch. Try making fun of a liberal named ‘Chad,’ they just laugh and agree with you. Where’s the fun in that?” continued Goldstein, “plus, the conservatives are always welcome to submit articles. They just don’t. We’d post it if they sent it.”

The site has come under fire numerous times and from varying political affiliations, with some of the local commentary biting a bit too hard for some. Several legal threats have been made, and a few public officials have tried to apply pressure in an effort to silence the site. However, the page continues, sporadically posting sometimes relevant and timely content, usually posting things that only the “Santa Clarita Seven” find humorous.

To this day, some mysteries surrounding the Advance Post Times remain: Who started it? Why did they start it? Who are the writers behind it? Although accusations have been made, and ideas about the identities have been floated both publicly and privately, no one has yet to claim credit, and no one has successfully identified the mediocre minds behind the website. When asked why they and the other writers choose to not identify themselves, Goldstein responded “it’s just funnier that way.”