Congressman Garcia Launches New Touring Company

Washington D.C. – Fresh off his support of the insurrection in Washington DC, Congressman Mike Garcia (R-Fighter Pilot) has started a new side venture. “We had so many requests for tours of the Capitol, that it just made sense to start a company to handle it. Thus, ‘Garcia Capitol Tours’ was born!” said Garcia in the announcement, “to set up a tour, just call our hotline: 1-872-878-4867.”

“Garcia Capitol Tours” will provide groups with a detailed and guided tour of the Capitol Building, complete with directions to offices of various members of congress, a detailed keepsake structural floor map, a list of security guard schedules, and locations of structural weaknesses. The VIP package includes a personal tour from Congressman Garcia himself, a souvenir medallion, and a Presidential Pardon for insurrection, signed by former President Donald Trump. Additionally, patrons that use coupon code “WWG1WGA” will receive complimentary tours of the FBI building.

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