Santa Clarita City Council Admits They Were Wrong, Apologizes, and Resigns in Disgrace

Santa Clarita – After falling for a viral Facebook post claiming “Antifa” were going to be bused in for riots and going Uber-Karen by calling in the National Guard, the city council today admitted they overreacted and offered their apologies, and resignations. “We were wrong,” said Mayor Cameron Smyth at the press conference held at city hall, “The Facebook post that was being widely circulated was an obvious hoax, meant to instigate an overreaction and spread fear, and we fell for it. Even after it had been thoroughly investigated, debunked, and dismissed, we made the poor decision to call in the National Guard to help protect our city from looters that never arrived. I am deeply sorry for the transgression, and I speak on behalf of my fellow council members when I say that we should be smarter than this. We failed you as leaders, we failed you as neighbors, and we failed you as a city council of the greatest city in the nation. The only damage done yesterday was to our reputations, and for that we offer our resignations immediately.”

City Manager said the application process was open to fill the 5 seat vacancies. All applicants must be able to pass the marshmallow test.

8 Replies to “Santa Clarita City Council Admits They Were Wrong, Apologizes, and Resigns in Disgrace

  1. I would like to immediately (if not sooner) tender my application to replace “The Scaredy-Cat 5.” No need to find another 4, I can handle the WHOLE thing. I certainly couldn’t do any worse than the current crew .. and BONUS!! .. I’m not, nor have I ever been a RACIST (well, maybe that ONE time).

    I can promise a sourdough bread boule in every cast-iron pot, no taxes, and pithy comebacks to each and every commenter at the CC meetings (which will now be held ANNUALLY to save taxpayer money!

  2. You don’t need to resign for trying to protect the community. You did what you thought might be needed and there is nothing wrong with being cautious, just in case.P

  3. The only damage done? What about us protesters feeling threatened by military personnel carrying assault weapons wherever we marched?

  4. Kellar fell for the infowars “news” that BLM stood for Black, Looting, Mayhem and spent last week in his bunker under City Hall – he was just inspecting it though.

  5. No need to apologize or resign. The council’s reaction was justified when on live t.v. millions of law abiding Americans watched hate groups ANTIFA and BLM (also known as Black Looting and Mayhem) beat private business owners to a pulp (of all races and genders) so that they could loot, steal, smash windows, graffiti it, and burn buildings to the ground. Millions of Americans were terrified as the Leftist controlled mainstream media, played the race card again to fuel the flames of hate, so their ratings and advertisement revenue would finally return. We don’t want our community to be like Minneapolis, Chicago, Portland, Seattle, etc. Everything the Left touches turns to s#&t.

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