Joe Messina takes “Bird Box Challenge”

Joe Messina, blind but still able to see a terrifying reality where brown people exist

Local “Conservative” Radio Host and Hart School Board member Joe Messina has decided to take the “Bird Box Challenge” in an episode of his nationally syndicated radio show. The “Bird Box Challenge” is a new fad inspired by the Netflix movie of the same name, where people blindfold themselves and attempt their normal daily tasks.
Messina has taken the challenge in an effort to prove he can remain blindfolded while still being racist, homophobic, misogynistic, Islamophobic, and all around closed minded. “I’ve been doing this show for years, it’s good to mix things up from time to time” he said, “and I’m doing this for a good cause.”
Viewers of his online webcast will have an option to donate money for each minute he keeps the blindfold on. “My goal is to raise one billion dollars for the border wall. So far, we’re about halfway there.” At press time, he had raised $2,528.

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