Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, City Council Paints Santa Clara River Green

Santa Clarita — On Monday, the day after St. Patricks day, City Council gathered in the Santa Clara “River” bed to commemorate the occasion by painting it green. “We saw other cities doing similar things with great success,” remarked Mayor McCheese Mclean, “I thought it was a fun thing to do here as well.”

Other councilmembers joined in the festivities, but didn’t share the mayors enthusiasm. “Yeah, it’s a pretty dumb idea” said Mayor Pro Tem Cameron Smyth while shotgunning a beer, “but at least we get to extend St. Patrick’s Day festivities by a day.” Councilman Bill Miranda adding “as a latino businessman, born in New York, or as I like to joke ‘New Rico’ pause for laughter, I think this is a great thing to bring to Santa Clarita. I look forward to many years of this tradition.”

Councilman Bob Kellar did not want to comment for the story, but he was visibly jubilant in celebrating the “Irish” culture.

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