Massage Parlor announces extended evening hours, promises it’s still legitimate

Newhall — A local massage parlor has announced extended evening hours. “No really, it’s to better serve our clients. If we were only open 9 to 5, Monday through Friday, we would miss out on a lot of business” says owner Manee Koç, “we only offer legitimate services here. All of our employees are Licensed Massage Therapist, there’s no funny business here.”

The owner wants to squelch any rumors, and address some misconceptions about the industry. Santa Clarita hasn’t been alone in the shuttering of businesses due to illegal “rub and tug” operations.

“It’s a shame really, I shouldn’t have to defend my business because of a few jerks” said Koç, “this is a challenge to grab a hold of, and it shouldn’t be. I just needed to get it off my chest.”

Shortly after the announcement, Detectives with the Santa Clarita Sheriffs could be seen serving a search warrant.

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