Sand Canyon Announces Secession from Santa Clarita and Formation of New City

Sand Canyon — In what can only be described as an overnight blitzkrieg, residents in the former neighborhood of Santa Clarita voted to secede and form a new city. “Honestly, Santa Clarita is pretty amazing, but we felt it was getting a bit too liberal” said newly appointed Mayor Jason Gibbs, “we thought it best that we take the necessary steps to keep ‘like-minded’ people in our own city.”

The City of Sand Canyon was pushed for and largely funded by Larry Rasmussen, local developer and palm greaser. “We worked extensively with the City of Santa Clarita to make sure our corner of the valley remained as we saw fit. Frankly, they wouldn’t cede to our requests” said Rasmussen.

“They wanted a f–king wall!” said Santa Clarita Mayor Pro Tem Cameron Smyth, “how exactly do you wall off Sand Canyon?” The new city limits stretch from Sand Canyon Road, south of the Santa Clara river, east to Bee Canyon and the current Cemex mining site, south to Bear Divide and west to Walker Ranch. The Sand Canyon City Hall will be built in the Vista Canyon development, directly adjacent to the moat being constructed by Jakes Way.

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