Mountasia purchased by French conglomorate

Santa Clarita — A French conglomorate has purchased the parent company of local staple “Mountasia,” and will rename the park “Mounteurope.” The move comes just shy of the parks 24th anniversary.

The new CEO, Marius Marseille says the parks will undergo a brand overhaul, in the hopes of drawing back a customer base. “We want people to return to our lovely parks for various types of entertainment” said Marseille. In the coming months, they will be adding 10 additional partially working skeeball machines, expanding the children’s play area to include a 500 square foot ball pit complete with 7 new germs, and prizes that break instantly when you redeem your tickets.

Additionally, they hope to employ more of the local youth in an effort to boost the frustration of ordering food from an aloof cashier. An outside agency is working with a focus group to determine if a skating rink should be returned to the property.

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