SCV GOP Submits Trump-Approved Congressional District Map to Redistricting Commission

Santa Clarita – With a looming deadline for maps to be redrawn during California’s decennial redistricting process, Santa Clarita Valley Republicans have submitted their last-ditch

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Facing Difficulties With an Erection, BJ is Delayed

Santa Clarita – Recently reelected Santa Clarita Valley Water board member BJ Atkins told the media Thursday that his inability to attain an erection has

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City Council

[Barlavi Mocks Survivors of Sexual Assault] Local Punchline Announces Campaign for Attention

Ed. Note: David Barlavi sexually assaulted multiple women, mercilessly mocked, bullied, and harassed survivors of sexual assault, and threatened legal action when reprimanded for the

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Saugus Cafe Renamed

Santa Clarita – The Saugus Cafe, first established in 1886, has been renamed to “South Valencia Café.” The change comes amidst a drop in customers,

This Is The End

“Great is the art of beginning, but greater is the art of ending” Some old white guy, that probably did some socially acceptable things at