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This Is The End

“Great is the art of beginning, but greater is the art of ending”

Some old white guy, that probably did some socially acceptable things at the time but would be cancelled today

There comes a time in every man’s life where he must decide a path forward. I’ve been stuck at the corner of Newhall Ranch and Bouquet for like an hour now waiting to turn left and I wish I had just taken Golden Valley. Anyway, my tenure as the editor-in-chief of this organization has come to an end. I have decided to go back to school and work on my AA degree. The Santa Clarita Valley Advance Post Times shall live on in one form or another, as new people are being onboarded over the next couple of days and the transfer of ownership will take place. I know not what they plan to do with the site, but that’s not my problem anymore. Benefits of quitting and etcetera. (I may pop in now and then with some writing, no promises).

I would leave you with some words of wisdom, but I’m the editor of this site, so clearly I have none. Instead I will just list out my top 18 favorite posts, some mine some not.

  1. Leaked: Mike Garcia for Congress Devastating New Ad / Christy Smith Responds to Garcia attack with new ad (best thing this site has produced)
  2. Despite Achieving Full Election, BJ Unable to Satisfy Voters
  3. Bridge To Home faces funding shortfall, renames itself “Bridge Is Home”
  4. Porto’s Coming to Santa Clarita Never
  5. Carl and Jeri Goldman, owners of KHTS, Declare Moral Bankruptcy
  6. Santa Clarita Sheriffs Department Reminds Residents “Pull The Fuck Over”
  7. West Hills residents discover prison half mile away, demand it be shut down
  8. Convicted Felon Hopes for Second Chance at Life on School Board
  9. SCV Sheriff’s Department Hopes to Cut Crime 90% by Reminding People About Locks
  10. City Council Considering Ban on Sidewalk Chalk
  11. Santa Clarita City Council Polling Residents Regarding Annual Purge Event
  12. Local Libertarian Losing Confidence in Free Market Ability to Find Him a Girlfriend
  13. Local Conservatives Up In Arms Over Existence of Contrarian Opinions
  14. Mayor Smyth Announces First Round of Sacrifices to Appease Coronavirus
  15. Mike Garcia Unsure Why Flag and Bible Not Preventing Valid Criticism
  16. City Officials Break Ground on Mass Grave for COVID-19 Victims
  17. Local GOP Volunteers Mistake Neighborhood Mailboxes for Low-Income Housing
  18. Congressman Garcia Launches New Touring Company

So long, and good luck – eg